Solar Bankers Node

Price: 1,500 USD. Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH and SKY

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The Solar Bankers Node is the first blockchain node that runs on solar energy. It is energy efficient, running on its own small-scale solar panel, and represents the first step towards energy-sustainable blockchain development.
What does the Solar Bankers Node do?

The Solar Bankers Node supports the company’s blockchain network. Users running the Solar Bankers Node receive a fixed amount of SLB per hour. The reward is initially set at 0.4 SLB/hour and might change over time as more Solar Bankers Nodes are distributed.

What does the Solar Bankers Node mount?

The Solar Bankers Node includes the following components:

- 1 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
- 1 16 GB SD Card
- 1 Raspberry Pi case
- 1 Universal Power Supply
- 1 20,000 mAh Power Bank
- 1 24 W solar module
- 1,500 SLB coins

What do I need to operate a Solar Bankers Node?

- A stable internet connection
- PC or mobile phone

Do I need a balcony/garden or can I keep the Solar Bankers Node in my apartment?

The Solar Bankers Node can be installed in an apartment, as long as it is exposed to direct sunlight.

How to setup the Solar Bankers Node?

You can easily install your Solar Node following the below user guide.


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