January 30, 2018

Solar Bankers visits Energy Talks in London: “The Energy Revolution”

On Wednesday, 24th of January, members of the Solar Bankers team headed to London to represent Solar Bankers at a conference held by the UK Association of Energy Engineers on decentralizing the energy sector through blockchain technology. The event was held in the amazing surroundings of the WeWork space at Moorgate in London.

The regulatory issues surrounding decentralized energy production, storage, and exchange were a primary focus of the speaker presentations. Nonetheless, the speakers discussed a diverse range of topics – including the practical and technical aspects of promoting community P2P systems in London suburbs, emerging entrepreneurial opportunities, and the role of battery storage in power P2P networks.

Notable speakers included Felix Wight, Technical Director of Repowering London, who is currently running a pilot project for community P2P energy trading involving OFGEM, EDF Energy R&D UK, Brixton Solar, Electron, PassivSystems, and University College London; Chris Wright, co-founder of Moixa; and Alpesh Doshi of Fintricity, a UK-based blockchain and digital transformation expert.

The UK AEE is a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote public interest in energy conservation. It describes itself as “a key source for reliable and impartial information for an energy engineer and energy manager working in the energy industry. We aim to advance the profession in keeping with high standards of ethical conduct.” The organisation is run entirely by a group of volunteers. Please support them by visiting their website at or following them on Twitter under @UK_AEE.

The event was livestreamed – the UKAEE will soon publish a link for anyone interested in watching the speaker presentations.

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