August 7, 2018

Solar Bankers Node – How it works

The Solar Bankers Node is the first energy-sustainable blockchain node that rewards users with Solar Bankers coins. The Solar Bankers Node runs solely on solar energy and allows users to accumulate Solar Bankers coins at a constant rate over time. Being completely energy self-sufficient, the Solar Bankers Node represents a major step towards energy-sustainable blockchain development. To pre-order your Solar Bankers Node, visit

The Solar Bankers Node consists of a solar panel with USB output, a power bank (battery) and a Raspberry Pi. The solar panel feeds energy into the battery, which powers the Raspberry Pi and guarantees 24 h operation.



Installing the Solar Bankers Node is very simple and must only be done once.

  1. Charge the battery to its maximum capacity
  2. Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi (SD card included in the Solar Bankers Node package).
  3. Connect the battery to the Raspberry Pi. This will power it up.
  4. Connect the Raspberry Pi to a TV or a monitor (TV and cables not included in the package).
  5. Boot the Raspberry Pi and connect it to your Wifi network.
  6. Run the Solar Bankers Node.
  7. Visit the dedicated Solar Bankers webpage, login with your credentials and start your Solar Bankers Node!



Once your Solar Bankers Node is running, you can check your balance from any device simply by connecting to the Solar Bankers Website and choose the modality ‘Check Node Status’ mode.



From your account, you will be able to check your last reward time (coins are rewarded every 10 minutes) and transfer the coins to your personal wallet.

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