March 1, 2018

Solar Bankers kicks off pilot project in Turkey

Last week the Solar Bankers Team traveled to Turkey to kick off the first pilot project to test the peer-to-peer energy-trading platform. Mr. Alfred Jost and Dr. Carlo Maragliano, respectively CEO and CTO of Solar Bankers, met with the Mr. Albayrak, director of Alyaka consulting group, and with some representatives of Enerclever. The scope of the meeting was to plan the work for development and installation of the platform and microgrid.

The project will be based in the Izmir TechnoPark, on the campus of the Izmir Institute of Technology. The TechnoPark is located 50 km outside of the city of Izmir.

The picture below shows the area where the microgrid will be installed. The area lists 15 main buildings, which will be organized in 9 units, each one representing a node of the network (see picture below). The nodes will be connected with underground cables, which will allow the transmission of electricity.

Some nodes will be equipped with Solar Bankers solar devices to enable energy productions. Others will be kept passive. Each building will be equipped with Enerclever smart-meters, which will enable monitoring of electricity production/consumption. Data will be fed to Solar Bankers trading platform, which will manage the exchange of energy. Transactions will be stored on SunCoin blockchain.

A team of engineers and developers was assigned to this project. The first step will consist in integrating Enerclever smart metering technology with Solar Bankers blockchain tech. More updates will follow in the coming weeks.

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