February 20, 2018

Solar Bankers’ energy-generating facade

Solar Bankers is planning to produce energy-generating facades that are able to regulate the interior temperature and lighting of buildings while providing additional sources of revenue for their owners.

The facades will be similar in design to our energy-generating window shades and roof tiles, only covering much larger areas. Building operators will be able to mount them in front of existing glass facades. Similar to standard external louvers, their position will be adjustable so that operators can control the amount of light passing through. Furthermore, the diffractive structure of the integrated light-managing film will be customizable pre-installation so that the facades reflect different colors of light and thus change appearance, adding an interesting aesthetic feature to the building. See the image above for a 3D visualization of the concept.

We imagine this concept can give rise to several revenue models for investors in the facades. On one hand, individual investors could finance parts of the facade in return for a share in the revenue derived from selling the produced electricity to the building operator(s) or occupant(s). On the other, building operators could buy and install the facade and thus produce their own electricity for consumption. If connected in a local P2P network, the building occupant(s) could sell the produced electricity to neighbors for an additional passive income.

The versatility of Solar Bankers’ photovoltaic applications will soon allow simple building components, such as window blinds and louvers, to be turned into high tech energy-producing equipment that generates additional income and adds to the aesthetic appeal of a building.


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