The World‘s First Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform

Powered with Solar Energy and Blockchain Technology

Solar Bankers brings clean, renewable, solar energy to communities of all sizes. We do so by supplying both the innovative solar technology and an accessible energy marketplace that allows home energy generators to trade electricity profitably with others. All based on a newly developed blockchain technology that is going to revolutionize the industry.

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SunCoin Blockchain Technology

Interview with Dr. Maragliano – Short Version

Solar Technology – Holographic Modules

Initial Coin Offering

Starting Date: 22nd of November 2017 00.00 CEST

Ending Date: 31st of December 2017 23.59 CEST

Duration: 40 days

Price List

22nd of November to 1st of December: 1 SUN = 0.000216 BTC 

2nd to 11th of December: 1 SUN = 0.00025925 BTC

12th to 21st of December: 1 SUN = 0.00031112 BTC

22nd to 31st of December: 1 SUN = 0.00036 BTC

We accept BTC, ETH and DASH. Price in ETH and DASH is calculated at the time of contribution.

Token Allocation

Pre-ICO: 18,000,000 SUN

ICO: 97,000,000 SUN

Partners & Investors: 115,000,000 SUN

Founders: 50,000,000 SUN

Bounty Program: 15,000,000 SUN

Legal & Miscellaneous: 5,000,000 SUN

Total Supply: 300,000,000 SUN

Use of Funds
Why Solar Bankers?

Solar Power is the fastest-growing energy market in the world. 70 GW of solar photovoltaic projects were completed last year with an investment of $116 billion, a 20% increase over 2015 levels.  

The Solution

By creating a freely accessible marketplace for renewable energy trading, Solar Bankers is challenging the dominance of the large energy companies. With Solar Bankers, consumers can produce their own electricity and sell any excess at competitive prices to their neighbors via local marketplaces.  

But Solar Bankers is more than just a marketplace, we also supply cutting-edge photovoltaic devices that are able to produce clean energy at some of the lowest costs in the market. 

The Challenge

Solar energy market is dominated by large utility companies that buy solar energy at a low price and sell it through the electricity grid at a much higher price, securing huge profits at the expense of the end consumers and small-scale solar producers.

Solar Bankers Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading
Decentralised Power Generation

Connects small-scale generators to the local energy market

No middle Man

Smart contracts enable transparent, conflict-free energy trading

Low Distribution Cost

Micro-grids dramatically reduce the cost of energy transportation

Secure & Transparent

Skyledger blockchain offers greater security & transparency than Bitcoin or Ethereum

Zero Greenhouse Emissions

Renewable energy generation is clean and green

The Next Generation of Solar Technology

Solar Bankers’ Patented Technology is the highest performing in the market

Buy and sell electricity with a tap on your phone
Trade Electricity like a Digital Commodity

Monitor your electricity consumption using Solar Bankers mobile app and sell your excess energy. It is simple, fast and secure!

Demo app soon available on
Solar Bankers Energy Devices
Smart Meter

Access the P2P network and monitor your energy  with Solar Bankers Smart Meter

Holographic Solar Modules

Produce solar energy at the lowest price in the market with Solar Bankers Panels


Maximize the output of your solar installation with Solar Bankers Holographic Concentrator

Energy Generating Windows

Turn your traditional windows into energy generating solar modules 

Solar Tiles

Produce clean energy on your roof or building facade with Solar Bankers Tiles

Light Recycling Device

Reduce your energy consumption and recycle the light with Solar Bankers Light Recycling Device

The Future of Blockchain

SunCoin is a mining-free third-generation token built to be faster, more sustainable and more secure than Bitcoin and Ethereum

New Consensus Algorithm

SunCoin implements a new distributed consensus algorithm called Obelisk, which distributes influence over the network according to a “web of trust”. SunCoin corrects the major security flaws and “centralizing tendencies” associated with blockchain networks in which consensus is based on Proof of Work (i.e. Bitcoin) or Proof of Stake algorithms (i.e. Ethereum).

Fastest Transactions And Infinite Scalability

SunCoin is built to compete with credit cards and services like AliPay/Apple Pay and allows for an unlimited number of transactions per second. Transactions happen in seconds, not in minutes or hours like in Ethereum and Bitcoin. SunCoin has no blocksize limit and it can be adapted to any transaction rate.

No Transaction Fees: Coin-Hour Mechanism

SunCoin transactions do not require a fee and no coins are spent to confirm a transaction. SunCoin uses instead a coin-hour mechanism. Users receive coin-hours for holding their tokens and coin-hours can be spent to confirm transactions.

Energy Sustainable Blockchain

SunCoin Blockchain is energy sustainable and saves electricity cost. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, SunCoin does not require billions of dollars a year in mining cost.

Project Timeline

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