Our Holographic Concentrating Solar Module

A heat and dust resilient solar module enabling substantial performance and cost improvements in high temperature environments.

Substantial gains in power output

The holographic surface of the module selectively diffracts different wavelengths of light to minimize efficiency losses due to heat.

50% more cost-effective at high temperatures

Solar Bankers’ DPV module uses only 25% of the silicon used in standard panels.

Self-cleaning hydrophobic surface

The module’s hydrophobic surface reduces soiling due to dust sedimentation, preventing output losses and improving maintenance costs.

Improved Carbon Footprint

Reduced silicon requirement allows 70% savings in energy and harmful chemicals required to manufacture panels.

25 years durability

Tested by Fraunhofer ISE to resist any external influences for at least 25 years.

The Module

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2017: awarded pilot project with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

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Holographic technology with high versatility

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Single-axis azimuthal tracker

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Holographic Film

350-1200 nm concentrated on silicon.

Heat carrying 1200-2500 nm spectrum bent away.

Self-cleaning Surface

Hydrophobic foil reduces dust sedimentation.

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