Solar Modules fit for the Desert

Solar Bankers developed the Next Generation of Desert Photovoltaics

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Solar Bankers Holographic Module

Up to 60% more Energy than standard Solar Panels

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Pilot Project with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Signed by the Crown Prince in 2018

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the problem we solve

"The combined effects of heat and dust in desert environments reduces the power output of PV panels by up to 70%."

Marwhan Kraisheh, Senior Research Director Qatar Foundation

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Our Patented Holographic Solar Module Overcomes this Challenge

SolarBankers has invested heavily in R&D to develop the next generation of Desert PV.

Holographic Foil

Our nano-structured Holographic Foil selectively diffracts the different wavelengths to minimize heat effects. It concentrates all productive wavelengths on thin silicon strips while deflecting the heat-carrying wavelengths away from the active converter.

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Hydrophobic Surface

Our module is equipped with a highly hydrophobic surface that reduces sand and dust sedimentation, solving two of the essential problems with traditional solar modules. Reduced soiling enables substantial cost savings in maintenance.

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Our Holographic Solar Module was tested in a pilot project in 2018 with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority with exceptional results.

Up to 60% more energy than standard installations due to reduced heat coefficient and soiling and efficient mechanical tracking

73.2% less silicon required for equivalent output due to concentrating feature

50% less CO2 emissions

With clients around the world, we have access to world-class technology partners throughout Europe and the Middle East.

We participate in renewable energy programmes in four continents and are constantly engaged in further researching Desert PV technologies.

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