May 8, 2018

Introducing the Solar Bankers Node

Solar Bankers is announcing today the release of the Solar Bankers Node, the very first blockchain node that is so energy efficient that can be powered with a small-scale solar panel. The Solar Bankers Node supports the company’s blockchain and users will receive SLB coins for running it. The Solar Bankers Node represents the first step towards an energy-sustainable blockchain development.

There have been concerns about whether blockchain technology could ever be an energy-sustainable solution for the present and future of mankind. Looking at the two major implementations of this technology, Bitcoin and Ethereum, these concerns are real. According to Digiconomist, the Bitcoin blockchain consumes the staggering amount of 850 kWh per transaction, which corresponds to approximately one forth of the energy consumed by a household in one entire year. With approximately 80 million transactions in 2017, the Bitcoin blockchain used up more energy than the entire country of the Czech Republic. Ethereum, which is the platform of choice of most blockchain companies, is not far behind. With a cumulative consumption of 18.5 TWh last year, the Ethereum network consumed more electricity than the entire country of Iceland. This huge annual energy consumption calls for reflection on whether these two technologies could ever be scaled up.

Having that in mind, Solar Bankers embraced the most sustainable blockchain solution currently on the market. The Skycoin blockchain, developed by early Bitcoin and Ethereum coders, uses less than 1 kWh per transaction and can be run on a device with low computing power. This enabled Solar Bankers to design a blockchain node that doesn’t require any further power supply other than the sun. The Solar Bankers Node mounts a Raspberry Pi and a power bank on a 20-30 W module. This innovative market solution is available for pre-order at Follow us on Telegram ( for updates on the Solar Bankers Node. More technical information will be available soon!

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