Trade and Profit From Solar Energy

Solar Bankers is working with ShellPay to create SunChain, a community where electricity consumers can produce energy in their homes and sell it to their neighbors. Members of the SunChain install Solar Bankers’ energy-generating equipment to produce electricity, which they can either use in their daily life, store, or sell to their neighbors through smart micro-grids. This system allows homeowners to reduce the cost of electricity and enables each and every user to profit from the solar energy produced in their community. 

How the SunChain works

Solar Bankers Decentralized Network is a discrete energy system whose primary purpose is to provide reliable and affordable energy to end customers. The network is composed of nodes, which simply consist of electronic devices loaded with a SunCoin wallet. Nodes can be either active or passive, meaning that they can produce or consume electricity. The distribution of electricity is regulated by Solar Bankers Smart Meters, which are devices that record consumption of electric energy and run the SunChain network.

How to be part of SunChain

To become part of Solar Bankers’ SunChain, members must first purchase SunCoins, the tokens issued by Solar Bankers. They then install the SkyLedger SuperWallet Application on their desktop to manage transactions involving the tokens. 

Producers & Consumers Buy SunCoins

Users can buy SunCoins for Ether or Bitcoin. In addition, they can trade their coins and exchange them for other tokens or fiat money.

Producers, Consumers, and "Prosumers"

After setting up the wallet and coins, users can assume three roles:

  • Consumers
  • Producers 
  • Prosumers

Consumers can simply use their SunCoins to obtain electricity from the SunChain.


Producers can exchange their SunCoins for Solar Bankers Energy-Generating devices at a fixed rate and produce clean renewable energy. By joining the SunChain, they receive SunCoins for selling electricity to their neighbors or filling batteries for electric cars.


A user can also both produce and consume energy from the grid.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

SunCoin provides buyers with a unique range of entrepreneurial opportunities which they can make use of independently. Owners will be able to work with SunCoin in the following ways:

SunCoin Trading

You can trade SunCoins for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Buy Clean Electricity

Exchange SunCoins for cheap and clean electricity and save on your electricity bill.

Purchase Solar Bankers Energy-Generating Equipment

Exchange SunCoins for our equipment at a fixed rate and produce electricity to reduce your electricity bill.

Trade SunCoins for CO2 Emission Certificates

Exchange SunCoins for governmental vouchers, which can be sold for fiat money.

Token Allocation

Pre-ICO: 18,000,000 SUN

ICO: 97,000,000 SUN

Partners & Investors: 115,000,000 SUN

Founders: 50,000,000 SUN

Bounty Program: 15,000,000 SUN

Legal & Miscellaneous: 5,000,000 SUN

Total Supply: 300,000,000 SUN

Project Timeline

July-September 2017


October-November 2017

Initial Coin Offering

October 2017 – June 2018

R&D of
Smart Meters andMicro-Grids

June 2018

Setup up of small-scale networks
in China to test Smart Meters

January 2019

End of Testing phase
Setup of Final Network

June 2019

Expansion Network
to other countries

Price List

Pre-ICO price:

ICO price: 

1 SUN = 5,040 Satoshi – Cap 18,000,000 SUN (86% off) 

1 SUN = 21,600 Satoshi – Cap 24,250,000 SUN (40 % off)

1 SUN = 25,925 Satoshi – Cap 24,250,000 SUN (28% off)

1 SUN = 31,112 Satoshi – Cap 24,250,000 SUN (14 % off)

1 SUN = 36,000 Satoshi – Cap 24,250,000 SUN

We accept BTC, ETH and DASH