Everyone Can Profit From The Sun!

Building the First Decentralized Electricity Network
based on Solar Energy and Blockchain.

Pre-ICO is over!

We wish to thank our early backers. Solar Bankers will soon announce the starting date of the main sale.

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A Revolution in the Energy Sector

A first-of-its-kind global decentralized energy system which allows consumers to generate clean energy in their homes using Solar Bankers’ photovoltaic technologies and trade electricity profitably with their neighbors.

Decentralized Power Generation

Different from a centralized system, where energy generation and distribution are controlled by a single entity, the Solar Bankers SunChain system allows everyone to produce and sell electricity. The price is set by the market and changes according to supply and demand.

No Middle Man

Producers and consumers, who are normally serviced by a utility company, subscribe to smart contracts, which are blockchain-based agreements that help exchange value in a transparent and conflict-free way without the need of intermediaries.

Low Distribution Cost

Electricity is generated on-site and distributed among the members of the community with short-range cables, which dramatically reduces the cost of transportation.

Secure & Transparent

Grid transactions are secure and transparent on the Skyledger blockchain.

0 Greenhouse Emissions

Electricity production in the SunChain system is environmentally sustainable: the use of PV technologies helps to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and thus make our planet greener.

The Next Generation of Solar Technology

Producers can generate electricity using Solar Bankers’ patented technology, which makes solar energy cheaper and more efficient.

The Next Generation of Solar Energy

Solar Bankers developed and patented the next generation of solar devices. Solar Bankers’ technology uses a high-tech holographic nanostructured film that manages the light in a smart and innovative way to efficiently convert sunlight.

SunCoin: Built on Skyledger Blockchain

SunCoin is a third-generation crypto-coin designed to be simpler, easier to use and more secure than Bitcoin.

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New Consensus Algorithm

SunCoin’s consensus algorithm is designed to achieve true decentralization of blockchain consensus without the need for mining.


We built SunCoin to compete with credit cards and services like AliPay/Apple Pay. Transactions happen in seconds, not minutes.


SunCoin increases privacy by using the CoinJoin protocol, which mixes transactions from multiple wallets to make it impossible to trace them back. 


SunCoin is more secure because it does not rely on the good will of miners, it cannot be 51% attacked.