Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solar IPFS? And how does it work?

The Solar IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed system for storing and accessing files, applications and data built on the Inter-Planetary File System protocol. With respect to a centralised cloud system, where data is stored on a single server, the Solar IPFS is more secure and less susceptible to down time as data is distributed over several nodes. In addition, the Solar IPFS does not require a third party service provider because the data is stored and shared through a peer computer network.
Each file on every computer/node is given a unique fingerprint called cryptographic hash. Hash functions refer each to one file, creating a map of the entire data structure called merkle tree.

What is the utility of the Solar IPFS network?

With the Solar IPFS users can store their data (videos, documents, pictures, etc) and access their files from wherever they want. When a file is stored on the Solar IPFS network, a unique url is associated to it. After that, the file can be downloaded from any device by accessing the url.

How do I install my Solar IPFS node?

To set up your personal Solar IPFS node, visit this page, download the Solar IPFS software for your operative system and follow the user guide for the installation. A subscription key is required to run your Solar IPFS node.

What is the Solar Bankers Coin (SLB) and what is its utility?

The Solar Bankers Coin is a utility coin that can be used to pay for subscribing to the Solar IPFS network. SLB is based on the third-generation blockchain technology developed by Skycoin.

What is the Solar Bankers Node and what can I use it for?

The Solar Bankers Node is the first blockchain node/miner that runs on solar energy. Users running the Solar Bankers Node receive a fixed amount of SLB per hour. The SLB can be then reused to subscribe to the Solar IPFS network or can be traded on XBTS. For more info on the Solar Bankers Node, visit this page.

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