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Solar Bankers Singapore (legal name Solar Nanotech PTE. LTD.) is a Singaporean company in the field of renewable energy, focusing on solar energy generation. It is one of the pioneers of next-generation photovoltaic solutions. With the development of a game-changing solar module and the grant of an international patent, Solar Bankers Singapore plays a decisive role in the expansion of the global solar energy industry and is a key player in the quest to achieve grid parity. With offices and installation partners throughout Asia, Europe and North America, Solar Bankers Singapore is committed to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of solar energy and developing a sustainable PV industry. Solar Bankers Singapore is dedicated to innovation, quality and improved efficiencies.

Solar Bankers’ research and development of ingots, wafers, solar cells and modules are conducted around the globe at facilities in China and Europe, where Solar Bankers Singapore and its affiliated partners operate. Solar Bankers Singapore additionally targets emerging PV markets such as the United States, France, South Korea, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

Solar Bankers’ mission is to achieve grid parity, thus making solar power an affordable, clean and reliable energy source globally. Solar Bankers’ vision is to be the world leader in manufacturing high quality and cost effective solar PV modules that will provide clean, reliable, grid-competitive electric power around the world.


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