Solar Bankers: Part of the Skycoin Ecosystem

Suncoin is part of a unique ecosystem of cryptocurrencies based on the Skyledger blockchain platform. With the ongoing development of Skyledger blockchain technology, based on the innovative Obelisk consensus algorithm, dozens of firms have already approached the developers of Skycoin for use of their ICO platform. The advantages of Skyledger […]

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SUNCOIN: An asset-backed token

Suncoin is part of a small group of cryptocurrencies that are backed by hard assets. Asset-backed tokens have a number of advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latter two are volatile and could become virtually worthless if other participants in the network stopped accepting them as an […]

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How to buy SunCoins

This is a simple user guide on how to buy SunCoins during Solar Bankers Initial Coin Offering. MINIMUM CONTRIBUTION: 0.001 BTC (or equivalent in ETH/DASH) NO MAXIMUM CONTRIBUTION PER PERSON Contributions can be sent from any personal wallet (eg. Electrum, Exodus, MyEtherWallet etc). DO NOT SEND FROM EXCHANGE ACCOUNTS.   […]

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Solar Bankers ICO bounty campaign now open!

  We want to reward our early supporters with a chance to earn SunCoins by participating in our bounty campaigns. We have set aside a bounty pool of 15,000,000 SUN (around 5% of the total supply) for distribution through our bounty programs. Find below a list of tasks and rewards. […]

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