SunCoin listed on!

Solar Bankers is glad to announce that SunCoin was listed on GetBTC and trading is currently active. GetBTC ( is a Russian exchange with more than 15M USD daily trading ( that enables fiat currency deposits through PerfectMoney or bank transfer. ENJOY THE TRADING!

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Solar Bankers’ energy-generating facade

Solar Bankers is planning to produce energy-generating facades that are able to regulate the interior temperature and lighting of buildings while providing additional sources of revenue for their owners. The facades will be similar in design to our energy-generating window shades and roof tiles, only covering much larger areas. Building […]

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SunCoin listed on!!

Solar Bankers is happy to announce that SunCoin will be listed on exchange on Monday, 22 January, 10 am Shanghai time, 3 am Central European Time. The exchange is open to international traders/investors. Visit the website: to participate in their Airdrop Giveaway!  

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Solar Bankers Telegram Bounty!

Invite a friend to Solar Bankers Telegram group ( and receive 1 SUN! Fill up the form at the link below to receive your SunCoins! LINK: Limit: 50 friends per person. Please note that your request will be reviewed and payments will be processed on a weekly basis.

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Solar Bankers: Part of the Skycoin Ecosystem

Suncoin is part of a unique ecosystem of cryptocurrencies based on the Skyledger blockchain platform. With the ongoing development of Skyledger blockchain technology, based on the innovative Obelisk consensus algorithm, dozens of firms have already approached the developers of Skycoin for use of their ICO platform. The advantages of Skyledger […]

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SUNCOIN: An asset-backed token

Suncoin is part of a small group of cryptocurrencies that are backed by hard assets. Asset-backed tokens have a number of advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latter two are volatile and could become virtually worthless if other participants in the network stopped accepting them as an […]

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