March 13, 2019

Become a Solar Bankers Node Salesman and get paid 100$ for each sale!

After yesterday’s post, in which we announced a new exciting feature of the Solar Bankers Node, today we are launching a unique initiative for our fans and supporters. Starting today, you can become a Solar Bankers Node Salesman and get paid 100 $ in BTC, ETH or SKY for each sale you secure.

Becoming a Solar Bankers Node Salesman is very simple and does not require any registration. You just need to find a buyer for the Solar Bankers Node and instruct him to include your email address in the order form. Following the receipt of the payment from the buyer, the Solar Bankers team will contact you, ask for your address and pay you in BTC, ETH or SKY.

Don’t miss the opportunity! Help us enlarging our family and start making money with Solar Bankers! For further details and clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us on Telegram.

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