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Introducing DPV, the first

Holographic Concentrating Solar Module



Deflecting Photovoltaic (DPV) is the first ever holographic concentrating solar module. The main feature of DPV is a unique holographic film that manages the light to free solar cells hidden potential. The film acts as a combination of a lens and an optical prism: it concentrates the light and splits its different colours into separate beams. The portion of the spectrum suitable for PV conversion is concentrated on small silicon solar cells, while the remaining wavelengths, which only cause panel overheating, are bent away from the active converter. The result is a solar module with higher in-field efficiencies due to reduced operative temperature, and lower unit cost thanks to savings on solar cell area.


Proven Performance Advantage Over Standard Solar Module Technologies

Enjoy the High Efficiencies of Silicon with the Outstanding Performance in Temperature of Thin Films

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DPV is the only panel in the market that combines the advantages of silicon and thin-film-based technologies. DPV has efficiencies as high as those of wafer-based crystalline silicon panels (~ 20%) and exhibits very low temperature losses similarly to thin film modules. DPV enables to maximise the performance of your solar plant at high temperature without having to rely on low-efficiency thin film modules. As a result of Solar Bankers’ superior performance, Solar Bankers power plants produce up to 10% more annual energy than multi-crystalline-based solar plants and allow to minimise the area of your installation due to high efficiencies.

Lowest Production Cost In The Market

Less Silicon + High Performance = Low Production Costs


DPV has the lowest production cost among solar panels with the same nameplate watts. Solar Bankers module uses only 25 % of the silicon required by standard panels while still guaranteeing the same, and even higher, power outputs. In addition, Solar Bankers developed a revolutionary assembly process which requires little to no soldering and thus reduces the risk to damage solar cells. The result is 50% cost reduction compared to standard solar panels, which enables to maximise returns for our customers and partners.

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