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How to achieve large profits in the current troublesome solar energy market? Solar Bankers has the solution!

By Carlo Maragliano, Ph.D., Head of R&D. Given worldwide solar cell overproduction and consequent drops in solar energy prices, solar manufacturing companies are struggling to survive due to sensible profit reductions. In this scenario, a revision in solar module technology is required to achieve lower production costs and therefore securing […]

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Solar Bankers Investment Pitch

Equatorial and sub-equatorial regions have a great potential when it comes to solar energy generation. As such areas are characterized by very high annual solar irradiances, it was estimated that solar modules installed in these regions could potentially produce 50% more energy compared to what they would otherwise generate if […]

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Why are heat and high-temperatures hindering solar photovoltaic potential in the MENA region?

By Carlo Maragliano, Ph.D., Head of R&D. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has become, in the last few years, the favorite target for solar renewable energy companies all over the world. The reason is straightforward: the region has the highest access to sunlight throughout the year when […]

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Nano Technology Outperforming Panel

“Low cost solar energy for all”, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the UN Solar Bankers’ new generation of solar modules employ a nano-structured polymer foil on their cover glass which refracts and concentrates specific wavelengths of light to improve module performance. The polymer device’s refractive abilities allow it to […]

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Renewable energy investment in MENA: Algeria has become a target market for Solar Banker’s game-changing PV module

Algeria’s experience in reforming its energy policy to emphasise feed-in tariffs, as well as its strong macroeconomic position, are likely to create a profitable environment for RE investments. Its technology being both more efficient and considerably more cost-effective than regular silicon-based PV, Solar Bankers is negotiating with local partners and […]

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Japan: World’s Hottest Solar Energy Bonanza is the Land of the Rising Sun in 2013

High-efficiency photovoltaic technology is favorable in Japan with their ability to power from smaller home and rooftops. This would also be a great opportunity for Alfred Jost’s, CEO of Solar Bankers’, patented game-changing high-efficiency innovative solar module to saturate the market– using less silicon and area to produce energy efficiently. […]

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POWER AFRICA: Rural Electrification in Kenya – Different Energy Sources in Comparison

Solar Bankers is investigating the business opportunities in providing rural Kenyan households with a reliable and sustainable source of electricity. As already explained in previous discussions, rural electrification is pivotal to Kenya’s future economic development because of its benefits to social communication, living conditions, and industrial efficiency. For this brief […]

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