Solar Bankers in Hai Phong, Vietnam

Solar Bankers visited Hai Phong, Hanoi and Da Nang in December, last year, to investigate this emerging, South-East Asian economy’s attitude towards renewable energy. The Hai Phong News broadcasted Solar Banker’s meeting with the city-government of Hai Phong on national television. Below is the original broadcast, with Vietnamese audio and […]

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Much Ado About Nothing

Current mechanisms of the American economy are preventing the American consumer from purchasing solar-products with the competitiveness and price-effectiveness he desires. His desires may be easily met, but the American government opts to interfere with the economy’s natural dynamics of demand and supply by deterring consumers from acquiring the, actually, […]

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The Incompatability of Solar Systems and the Standard Grid

Many question the ability of renewable energy sources, such as wind- or photovoltaic-systems, to effectively and sufficiently supply households with electricity. In its encounters with international solar markets, Solar Bankers has frequently observed considerable performance-variations in wind- and photovoltaic-technologies. Such variations render current renewable-energy technologies very unreliable and inconsistent supplies […]

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