Japan: World’s Hottest Solar Energy Bonanza is the Land of the Rising Sun in 2013

High-efficiency photovoltaic technology is favorable in Japan with their ability to power from smaller home and rooftops. This would also be a great opportunity for Alfred Jost’s, CEO of Solar Bankers’, patented game-changing high-efficiency innovative solar module to saturate the market– using less silicon and area to produce energy efficiently. […]

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POWER AFRICA: Rural Electrification in Kenya – Different Energy Sources in Comparison

Solar Bankers is investigating the business opportunities in providing rural Kenyan households with a reliable and sustainable source of electricity. As already explained in previous discussions, rural electrification is pivotal to Kenya’s future economic development because of its benefits to social communication, living conditions, and industrial efficiency. For this brief […]

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PV Magazine reports about Solar Bankers’ interest in Bosch Solar Energy

Taken from PV Magazine, “Solar Bankers interested in Bosch’s German PV facility,” by Sandra Enkhardt, translated and edited by Becky Beetz, 4.26.2013. Solar Bankers could take over Bosch’s photovoltaic manufacturing facility in Germany. A progress report on the negotiations concerning Bosch’s solar shares is expected this May. By the end […]

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Game-Changing Innovation for the Solar Industry

Arizona’s Solar Bankers and Dresden affiliate Apollon have developed cost-efficient outperforming solar module Arizona/Dresden.  The Arizona-based Solar Bankers LLC and its Dresden-based affiliate Apollon GmbH & Co. KG have commonly developed a game-changing module technology that will impact the entire solar industry.  A prototype of the high-efficiency concentrated solar module […]

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Solar-business opportunities in Saudi Arabia and GCC

Saudi Arabia is obviously characterized by climatic patterns ideal for the effective functioning of solar technology and a profitable non-hydrocarbon industry. Such patterns include high intensity solar radiation for almost the entire year, and considerable annual sunshine durations. Consider, daily global solar radiation on horizontal surfaces reaches an average of […]

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