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Making money from the Sun has never been this easy!


Your unique chance to profit from solar energy is just 5 steps away. Don’t loose the opportunity to buy SunCoins at a 50% discounted price! Buy one and get one for free!


STEP 1: Download and install SunCoin wallet

Windows versionwindows Mac Versionmac

STEP 2: Open the program, go to ‘New wallet’ and create a new wallet by typing your seed. You can use any character (letters, numbers and symbols). Remember to save your seed offline (i.e. paper, hard disk) and not to share it with anyone. The seed is the key to access your wallet.


STEP 3: Save the address of your wallet. For each wallet you can have more than one address.


STEP 4: Send your coins (BTC or ETH) at the addresses below.

Ethereum: 0x7E3b5d7EcB9347D2afB0e0A3D3F0991452D8B6Ce

The rate BTC/SUN and ETH/SUN will be calculated at the time of confirmation of the transaction.

STEP 5: Fill the form below with your personal information, your SunCoin wallet address (STEP 3), payment method and amount. Finally click send.


As the transaction is processed manually, please allow up to 24 hours. For any question, you can contact our service on WeChat.