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A Revolution in the Energy Sector


An Energy-Trading Platform based on Blockchain Technology where consumers can buy and sell clean energy and profit from it.

A first-of-its-kind Global De-Centralized Energy System where consumers generate clean energy in their houses using Solar Bankers photovoltaic technologies and can trade electricity and profit from it.


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Solar Bankers is creating together with ShellPay a community called SunChain where electricity consumers can produce energy in their houses and sell it to their neighbors. The members of the SunChain install Solar Bankers Energy-Generating Equipment and produce electricity, which they can either use for their daily life, store, or sell to their neighbors through smart micro-grids. This system allows home owners to reduce the cost of electricity and enables each and every user to profit from solar energy.



• Decentralized Power Generation: Different from a centralized system, where energy generation and distribution is controlled by a single entity, the Solar Bankers SunChain system allows all members to produce electricity. The price is set by the market and changes according to supply and demand.

• No need for Middleman: In Solar Bankers SunChain, the intermediary entity between energy producers and consumers is replaced by the blockchain. Producers and consumers, who are normally serviced by a utility company, subscribe to smart contracts, which are blockchain-based agreements that help exchange value in a transparent, conflict-free way. By implementing smart contracts, the system becomes more transparent, more secure and, most importantly, less expensive.

• Low to Zero Distribution Cost: Electricity is generated on-site and distributed among the members of the community with short-range cables, which dramatically reduces the cost of transportation. In standard centralised systems, this accounts for more than 30% of the price.

• Secure and Transparent System: Solar Bankers SunChain is secure and transparent because all transactions are public and cannot be altered in any way.

• No Greenhouse Gas Emissions: In Solar Bankers SunChain, electricity is generated using PV technologies, which do not emit Greenhouse gases and make our planet greener and less polluted.



To be part of the Solar Bankers SunChain, members first purchase Solar Bankers tokens, called SunCoin. Then they install the Sky-Ledger Super Wallet Application on their smartphone. After that, the members of the community can assume two roles: Consumers or Producers:

A consumer can simply use his/her SunCoins to obtain electricity from the SunChain. The app will allow this transformation automatically.

Producers can exchange their SunCoins for Solar Bankers Energy-Generating devices at a fixed rate and produce clean renewable energy. By joining the SunChain, they receive SunCoins for selling electricity to their neighbors or filling batteries for electric cars. In addition, they can trade their coins and exchange them for other tokens or fiat money.


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SunCoin is a third-generation crypto coin designed to be simpler, easier to use and more secure than Bitcoin. SunCoin addresses the problems of Bitcoin by eliminating mining and establishing a soft coded, adjustable blockchain size parameter to enable network transaction rate scaling. SunCoin addresses many of the security issues of Bitcoin. In addition, SunCoin transactions require only 10 seconds to be processed, compared to minutes for Bitcoin.

Total Number of SunCoins issued: 300,000,000 SUNs

Main features of SunCoin:
- Elimination of the need for miners for network consensus through new algorithms, elimination of dependence on the human element in the network operation
- Duplicate coinbase outputs
- Signature malleability
- Reduction in complexity in implementation
- Dozens of security/crypto related improvements
- Elimination of external dependencies that create security concerns in Bitcoin
- 51% attack proof and strengthening against various attacks
- Simplified, more power data, transaction and wallet APIs
- Brainwallet, deterministic wallets as default
- Network security improvements
- Intrinsic support for gmaxwell CoinJoin transaction privacy protocol
- New networking protocols to enable the verification of the mathematical prerequisites for consensus network convergence
- Separation of coin creation from consensus network, to eliminate Bitcoin's tendencies towards mining centralization
- Directed bipartite TX/UTXO transaction graph structure which is more elegant and efficient than Bitcoin's multi-graph structure
- Provably upper bounded network, RAM and CPU resource usage for network operation
- Soft coded, adjustable blockchain size parameter to enable network transaction rate scaling
- Rolling unspent output state error correction coding in the block header for early detection of software/hardware non-determinism
- Blockchain/transaction/history storage database with constant time lookup, indexless operation for all major blockchain history queries



Solar Bankers offers to its supporters the unique opportunity to enjoy multiple revenue streams at once with its initial coin offering. With your SunCoins, you will be able to profit in the following ways:

• SunCoin Trading: trade SunCoins for other cryptocurrencies and make money.

• Buy Electricity: exchange SunCoins for cheap and clean electricity and save on your electricity bill.

• Purchase Solar Bankers Energy-Generating Equipment: exchange SunCoins for our equipment at a fixed rate and produce electricity to reduce your electricity bill.

• Trade Suncoins for CO2 emission certificates: exchange SunCoins for governmental vouchers, which can be sold for fiat money





ALFRED JOST, Founder and CEO
Mr. Jost is an international entrepreneur and expert in the solar market, market economy and corporate business. As a former investment banker, Mr. Jost successfully founded and managed more than 10 companies, with cumulative profits greater than $ 100 million.


Dr. Maragliano is an electrical engineer with over 10 years of experience in the field of solar energy. Expert of photovoltaic technologies, Carlo has successfully transferred different solar technologies from the lab to the market. Dr. Maragliano holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Masdar Institute.


Mr. Duncan is an international entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and finance. Dana has pioneered solar energy projects in Germany, Mexico and USA and has the knowledge base to tackle issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of a business. Mr. Duncan holds a Masters in International Management (MIM) and an MBA from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management.


Mr. Smietana is one of the top blockchain programmers on the planet and one of the Bitcoin early developers. Inventor of SunCoin Blockchain technology, Brendon is an internationally recognized leader in the research and development of blockchain solutions for the energy and telecommunication industry.


FRANK BARTHEN, Marketing Director
Mr. Barthen is a Marketing and Sales expert. In his job as consultant, Frank develops innovative sales and marketing strategies for companies all around the world. Mr. Barthen is also managing director of Narciss and Taurus, a German marketing agency.


YAMILA OMAR, Chief Analyst
Mrs. Omar is a material engineer and expert on data analysis. Previously involved in the oil industry, Yamila is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Luxembourg. Mrs. Omar holds a Masters in materials for renewable energy from Masdar Institute.


Jane Zhang, Blockchain Advisor
Mrs. Zhang is a famous angel investor and entrepreneur, early investor and mentor for Alibaba, UTStarcom and VIPS. Jane is the founder and CEO of Shellpay, an early Blockchain startup company in China. Mrs. Zhang is an expert in Blockchain technology and is currently working on applying this technology in different business fields worldwide.


• Where can I buy SunCoins?
You can buy SunCoins at a discounted price using this link.

• When is SunCoin ICO starting and how long is it going to last?
SunCoin ICO will begin in September-October and will last 30 days, with amazing bonuses for our first backers.

• On which exchange will I be able to trade my SunCoins?
- C2CX:
- Cryptopia:
- more soon

• Are you partnering with any other company on this project?
Solar Bankers is partnering with ShellPay, a Chinese company which is one of the leaders in Blockchain technology.

• How are you going to use the funds raised through the ICO?
Solar Bankers will use the funds to set up a manufacturing facility of its Energy-Generating equipment and to develop its system infrastructure for the SunChain community (micro-grids).

• What do you mean that I can exchange my SunCoins for Energy-Generating Equipment?
Solar Bankers offers a set of devices that you can install in your house, business facility or land to produce electricity and profit from it. Our customers can exchange their SunCoins for Solar Panels, Solar Windows, Solar Tiles and many other products at a fixed rate (full list and prices available soon in the White Paper). If you decide to exchange your coins for our devices, we will take care of the installation. This option will be available only after the successful conclusion of our fundraising campaign and our production facility is in full operation.