August 9, 2017

Solar Bankers ICO bounty campaign now open! (REVISED)

We have launched the pre-ICO phase of our fundraiser and are very thankful for the support we have received so far.

We want to reward our early supporters with a chance to earn SunCoin by participating in our bounty campaigns during the pre-ICO and ICO. We have set aside a bounty pool of 15,000,000 SUN (around 5% of the total supply) for distribution through our bounty programs. Find below a list of tasks and rewards.

The campaign will be divided in two tranches: one for the Pre-ICO and one for the ICO. The end date of the first tranche is the 30th of September. Everyone is welcome to apply!


How to register

There is a single form that you have to fill to participate in Solar Bankers bounty program (exception applies for translation bounties, which have a separated form as explained below). The form is very simple and quick to complete. You have to complete all the steps to be able to submit the form. Once it is completed and submitted, you will receive a link to an excel spreadsheet where you will be asked to report all your activities. The spreadsheet must be properly completed for you to claim SunCoins.

Here is the link to the registration form:


  • Translations

Earn SUN by translating our BitcoinTalk thread, our website and blogposts. The allocated rewards for these tasks are as follows:

  • Website translation: 350 SUN
  • ANN translation: 130 SUN
  • Blogpost translation: 50 SUN

Apply here:

As translation bounties are a ‘one-time’ job, whoever gets to sign first will be assigned with the task (you will receive a confirmation by email).


  • BitcoinTalk Signature & Avatar Campaign 

Use our Solar Bankers signature and avatar on BitcoinTalk to earn SunCoin. We have provided different signatures and codes for different forum ranks. There are several conditions you must meet to qualify for bounty in this category:

  • create 50 different posts with the avatar or signature;
  • post relevant content and ensure suitability for the forum;
  • ensure posts do not devalue SunCoin, Solar Bankers, or our ICO;
  • NOT change the Avatar or Signature during the ICO;
  • NOT use multiple accounts or spam (anyone abusing the system will be reported to the appropriate mediators, permanently disqualified from the campaign, and banned from all other bounties)

Once you apply, we will check whether you have met the above conditions and reward successful applicants on a weekly basis. Rewards in SUN will be based on applicants’ BitcoinTalk ranks. Bounties will be distributed as follows:

  • Legendary/Hero: 90 SUN
  • Sr./Full: 60 SUN
  • Member: 45 SUN
  • Jr. Member: 25 SUN
  • Newbie: 15 SUN

Discussion Boards we do not count: Games and round, Micro earnings, Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Posts in “tipster” threads, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and help, Press, Investor based games.

You will find the avatar image and the signature codes at the following link:


  • Twitter

Earn SUN by mentioning Solar Bankers (#SolarBankersICO) or retweeting our updates and news to your groups, friends and followers. The bounty distribution for mentioning or retweeting us will depend on the amount of followers you have on Twitter. Retweeting or mentioning us will be rewarded with:

  • 45 SUN for between 100 and 300 followers on your Twitter account
  • 90 SUN for under 1,000 followers on your Twitter account
  • 130 SUN for 1,000 or more followers on your Twitter account

To determine your Twitter bounty stakes, we will need permission to review your timeline posts. No personal data will be stored or shared with third parties.

Account requirements: Your recent Twitter audit must be over 80% and the majority of followers should be crypto orientated.

Limitations: you will receive SunCoins for your Retweets and mentions only once a week.


  • Facebook

We are constantly posting blog articles, news articles, updates, and insights about our company and the Pre-ICO and ICO on our Facebook page. Help us maximize the reach of our page and posts by participating in our Facebook bounty campaign. You will be able to earn SUN by liking, sharing, or commenting on our page and posts. Bounties will be distributed as follows:

  • 5 SUN for every post (text / image / video, link) you LIKE.
  • 20 SUN for every comment (at least 30 characters per comment) in which you mention Solar Bankers (#SolarBankersICO) or SunCoin (#SunCoin).
  • 80 SUN for every public share of any of our posts (“share now” or “share to friends” function)

Every week we will randomly select 10 bounty participants and check their “sharing” type. If their share is “private”, “single person” or any other, the participant in question will not receive any bounty rewards.

To determine your Facebook bounty stakes, Solar Bankers needs permission to review your Timeline posts. No personal data will be stored or shared with third parties.

Limitations: you will receive SunCoins for your public share only once a week. Likes and comments are awarded SunCoins on a daily basis (max 1 per day).


  • Blogs/News about Solar Bankers ICO

Bounties will be awarded to blog or news posts that discuss Solar Bankers’ ICO or Solar Bankers. The following conditions must be met for a blog or news website to qualify for a bounty: the blog/news post . . .

  • Posts must be written in any of the following languages: English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish
  • Posts can be written in any language for blogs with 300+ followers
  • Posts must contain only unique content
  • Posts must be publicly accessible
  • Posts must be 700 characters or more (without spaces) in length
  • Posts must contain at least 2 links to Solar Bankers’ website or related content (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Discord etc).

We will evaluate blogs according to their quality in order to reward those participants who invested the greatest effort in their posts. Bounties will be awarded according to three quality levels:

  • 80 SUN for a basic-level post
  • 150 SUN for a medium-level post
  • 250 SUN for a high-quality post


  • Referrals: have your friends and family buy SunCoins and receive 10% commission.

Have your friends and family buy SunCoins and receive 10% commission. To receive your commission, contact us via mail at and mention:

  • The transaction ID of your referral
  • Amount paid in BTC/ETH
  • Your SunCoin Wallet Address.

Referral campaign valid for purchases above 5,000 SUN (approx. 0.25 BTC at pre-ICO price).



As mentioned in the beginning, the total bounty pool has been fixed at 15,000,000 SUN. At the end of the Pre-ICO (30th of September) we will check whether applicants have met the conditions for successful completion and we will calculate the bounties to be distributed to successful applicants.

Bounties will be distributed within 7 days of the end of the Pre-ICO (30th of September). If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our Telegram group.


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