August 8, 2017

Solar Bankers team to visit Puerto Rico for negotiations with VALCOR

The Solar Bankers team has been invited to Puerto Rico by VALCOR to discuss possibilities for a partnership. VALCOR is a large Puerto Rican manufacturer of architectural aluminium and glass. In the 1980s, the company designed the first window with integrated alarm and security fence.

VALCOR and Solar Bankers hope to work together on a number of projects. The two companies plan to apply Solar Bankers’ light-management technology to glass facades and other glass building components. Such an application would improve the heat insulation of buildings with large glass components and would even allow them to generate electricity with their facades. VALCOR and Solar Bankers will discuss possibilities for the launch of a production facility for the application. In addition, the two companies will discuss the potential installation of a solar park with a capacity of 20MW using Solar Bankers’ hologram-based module design.

The Solar Bankers team was already commissioned by VALCOR to complete a feasibility study and a market report on Puerto Rico.

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