March 21, 2017

Solar Bankers signs a Joint-Venture Agreement with US Clean Technologies Inc.

Solar Bankers and US Clean Technologies Inc. signed today a Joint-Venture Agreement to market a revolutionary solar technology that promises to decrease the cost of solar energy by more than 50% compared to standard fixed systems. Solar Bankers and US Clean Technologies (USCET), an American company located in Burr Ridge, IL and with subsidiaries in Sharjah, UAE, will be working closely to develop a hologram-based technology that is projected to generate up to 300% more electricity compared to standard fixed systems.

Commenting on the milestone, Alfred Jost, CEO and Founder of Solar Bankers, said “Solar Bankers is honored to work with USCET in this venture. We believe that our technology could revolutionize the solar industry and make solar energy even more inexpensive, opening to a more sustainable future” “Innovation is a long and difficult journey that goes from idea to final product” said Mr. Khurram Nawab, Managing Director of USCET. “USCET and Solar Bankers have the right passion and commitment to succeed in this endeavor and we are looking forward to bring our technology to the market. We are confident it is going to make a big impact.”

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